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Welcome to Peter Chrzanowski's extreme film and expedition school. Peter is an award winning adventure filmmaker with over thirty years experience. He is setting up on demand courses for individuals and groups out of his Twisted Tree Lodge in Pemberton BC. You can contact Peter for a custom day, weekend or week long course or put together a group for Peter's program (See sample course). You can choose the season and the sports that go with it for your session. During the ski season, Peter will teach ski and backcountry related courses until April when the valleys around Pemberton already have mountain biking, kayaking, paragliding, hiking etc......


Intuitive Filmography School

Peter is an adventurer, filmmaker and photojournalist with 30+ years of experience in producing, writing and directing outdoor documentaries, creating sporting events and working with all aspects of media. Most recently, heis developing an extensive Social Network of international travel, adventure and film aficionados.He has worked on short films as well as full motion picture features in various capacities, from producing, directing or location scouting , to shooting from 8mm to 35mm film , to HD video. Peter has been invited to judge extreme skiing contests from Alaska to Chamonix and mountain film festivals worldwide.

Amazing Housing Facility

our beautiful chalet, set in a quiet peaceful road above Pemberton and Mt Currie, BC. The house awaits your holiday or weekend needs. Local Guides,outfitters, film /photography mentoring, at your disposal. Only thirty five minutes from Whistler Village, yet away enough from the congestion. Enjoy year round skiing, snowshoeing, mountainbiking, hiking, climbing, paragliding, skydiving, swimming, hot springs, First Nations Culture , all nearby. Quiet fairy tale like setting, in pristine woods, a change from the commotion of a resort.


I survived myself

I opened my eyes and for a while saw nothing but darkness. I moved my head, and a beam of daylight hit my eyes. I looked down; I was barefoot, and in a narrow, freezing cold, glacial crevasse. I tried to comprehend what had happened. I struggled, and then started clawing my way towards the bright light of daylight glimmering above. My fingers froze up as my gloves were gone too on the hard icy snow. I had fallen in the hole but was stuck on a shelf maybe only two meters from what had been an entry point above me. I shuddered as I looked below me at the gaping abyss which went down into oblivion with the blue of the ice turning darker, then pitch black into the void below me.

Thrilling stories

As a writer and photographer Peter has published in major ski and adventure publications as well as film and television industry . Another of his documentaries brought him back from The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, an exotic Coastal Mountain range in Colombia. The location was his dream destination since he first read about it in the early seventies in National Geographic, August 1970 issue. Peter’s unique 98/99 Expedition to Colombia was written up by Wade Davis in The “Voices from the Summit “ A National Geographic Book. .Now, a major documentary film brought him back again to The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Here another difficult public relations task was achieved just to seek permission for his expedition to enter the area by the reclusive Indigenous tribes ,as the only foreigners in years to reach some of the higher villages.


Peter Peru